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Over five decades of technical excellence and innovation
Specialty Binders

friction reducing Acrylic binder for rubber hoses and gloves , enabling Smooth sliding over wet or dry skin, reducing heat rash
Temporary protective coating for metal , wood , ceramic and plastic Articles , offering protection from scratches , dust , sunlight , rain ,alkali and acid attacks during transportation. Can be peeled off easily
  DYBIT 99
Anionic emulsifier for preparation of slow setting pumpable bitumen Emulsion
Ultra hard acrylic polymer as additive for bitumen emulsions , finding applications in geo textiles and glass fibre mats
Soft acrylic polymer for bitumen for polyester and fibre glass mats
Acrylic Binder for preparation of eco-friendly PVC free underbody coatings used in the automotive industry
dry pressing Polymeric Binder for enhancing pre-baking green strength of ceramic tiles and other articles
High performance dispersant for ceramic tile industry
  Kemicryl EB40
Thermosetting resin for various applications
  Kemicryl S804
Binder for manufacture of non-woven fabrics
  Kemicryl 507 PS
Specialty Binder for manufacture of Scrub resistant paints and coatings
  Kemicryl 2151F
Binder for Carpet backing
  Kemicryl 678
Water based coating product for polyester and other films for use in inkjet and laser jet printers
  Binders for replacement of solvent based systems for a range of industries from Automobiles to Footwear.
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